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Research Tools

These handy research tools allow Almanac Investor subscribers to do their own research and update Almanac market indicators and strategies, as well as create your own. The tools and reports include select studies and interactive databases that integrate data and studies assembled over the history of the STA for the three major stock indices -- the DJIA, S&P 500, and NASDAQ, from 1901 to present. The tools enable you to view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports, and obtain historical data downloads.

Free Lunch

Find December bargain stocks and track performance.

Lame Duck

Learn why the January barometer works.

December Low Indicator

See what happened to the year when the Dow closed below the previous December closing low in the first quarter of the new year, from 1952 to present.

Monthly Almanac

Find daily point changes and closing prices for the major indexes by month.

Best and Worst Months, Weeks and Days

Discover the historical best and worst day, week, month, or year based on point or percent change.

Best Days of the Week

Discover which days of the week have generally been the strongest or weakest, and time your trades accordingly.

Probability Index

Find out the probability of the market advancing on any specific day of the year.

Portfolio Performance

The STA portfolio has substantially outperformed the market since its inception in 2001. The holdings are fully disclosed to subscribers.

MACD Calculator

See what happened to the year when the Dow closed in Jan. below the previous December closing low, 1952 - present.

January Barometer

Analyze the January barometer to uncover bull and bear market signals based on the January "As Goes January, So Goes the Rest of the Year" Barometer.


Calculate month over month percent or dollar changes and closing prices.

Key Trading Days of Month

Identify market strength on key days based on cash inflows.

Year in Review (1901 to Present)

Track index performance by month.

Presidential Cycle

Identify annual DJIA performance by presidential cycle and political party.


Find the high volatility periods for each market.